Many of the biggest names in the VR/AR industry will be presenting at NYVR during the conference portion of the event, including:

+ Dario Laverde (HTC)
+ Damon Hernandez (Samsung)
+ Ken Perlin (New York University)
+ Jim Malcolm (HumanEyes/VUZE Camera)
+ David Sorin (McCarter & English)
+ Debra Anderson (Datavized; Play Labs at MIT)
+ Fabien Benetou (LucidWeb)
+ Alper Guler (Kabaq 3D Food Technologies; Pandora Reality)
+ Dana Farbo (Augmate)
+ Ben Voss (Pixacore)
+ Chris Bobotis (Adobe)
+ D.J. Smith (The Glimpse Group)
+ Daron Jenkins (NYFL Storyteller Lab)
+ Mo Ben (The Body VR)
+ Hugh Seaton (Aquinas Training)
+ Justin Hendrix (NYC Media Lab)
+ Amy Peck (EndeavorVR)
+ Kai Bond (Comcast Ventures)
+ Ryan Wang (Outpost Capital)
+ Liron Lerman (The Glimpse Group)
+ Lyron Bentovim (The Glimpse Group)
+ Mike Calvert (Sketchfab)
+ Roland Dubois
+ Leaders from Google and the New York City Economic Development Corporation
+ More to be announced soon

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