About The Show

The VR/AR Show Every Business, Startup, and Creator Needs to Attend

NYVR brings together the best and brightest individuals in the industry pushing the boundary of possible, showcasing the latest virtual worlds, augmented experiences, and groundbreaking hardware that is redefining reality. For the second year, NYVR will return to the Javits Center, October 25-27, with more exhibitors and a renewed focus on education and visionary perspectives from thought-leaders.

Plug into the Next Phase of XR

The NYVR exhibit hall features the most forward-thinking companies in the space. Get taken away to new worlds. Learn through experience with hand-crafted virtual education programs. See live demonstrations of hardware. Talk with the experts and creators making the tech that is going to reshape the way we live.

Gain Perspective on the XR Industry

Learn about the latest development techniques and business strategies in the 45+ sessions and panels at NYVR. Attendees will get a 30,000 ft. view of how businesses from every sector are utilizing VR/AR to enhance their products and educate consumers. Developers and creators will get to take a deep dive into the platforms and tools they need to capture and share experiences or design entirely new worlds from scratch.

Connect with your Fellow Trailblazers

Meet with forward-thinking developers, creators, and professionals in the advertising, leisure, education, media, healthcare, and retail industries. As the largest XR show on the East Coast, NYVR draws attendees from field unique to the area with an increased focus on business built on a bedrock of culture and creativity.

Register to attend the show this October to secure your seat at the front lines of the reality revolution.

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