Stay tuned for updates on who will be presenting at NYVR 2018. 

Interested in speaking at NYVR 2018? Please contact D.J. Smith or Hugh Seaton.

Many of the biggest names in the VR/AR industry presented at NYVR 2017 during the conference portion of the event, including:

+ Dario Laverde (HTC)
+ Damon Hernandez (Samsung)
+ Ken Perlin (New York University)
+ Jim Malcolm (HumanEyes/VUZE Camera)
+ Steven Feiner (Columbia University)
+ David Sorin (McCarter & English)
+ Debra Anderson (Datavized; Play Labs at MIT)
+ Fabien Benetou (LucidWeb)
+ Alper Guler (Kabaq 3D Food Technologies; Pandora Reality)
+ Dana Farbo (Augmate)
+ Ben Voss (Pixacore)
+ Chris Bobotis (Adobe)
+ D.J. Smith (The Glimpse Group)
+ Daron Jenkins (NYFL Storyteller Lab)
+ Mo Ben (The Body VR)
+ Hugh Seaton (Aquinas Training)
+ Justin Hendrix (NYC Media Lab)
+ Amy Peck (EndeavorVR)
+ Kai Bond (Comcast Ventures)
+ Ryan Wang (Outpost Capital)
+ Liron Lerman (The Glimpse Group)
+ Lyron Bentovim (The Glimpse Group)
+ Roland Dubois (GRAVR)
+ Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab)
+ Leaders from Google and the New York City Economic Development Corporation